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Kidi cafe 240g chocolate drink

Kidi cafe 240g chocolate drink

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Kidi cafe - a soluble drink based on cocoa. The drink contains only natural ingredients, is nutritious, useful and almost indispensable in the daily diet. Gives you a good mood and saves your time. To prepare Kidi café, it is enough to pour 2-3 teaspoons of the mixture with warm milk or water (150 ml).

The drink is based on cocoa, which is a natural antidepressant. If you drink a drink in the morning, the brain will work more productively. Enjoying a cup of "Kidi cafe" in the evening will help relieve stress from a busy working day.

Contents: cocoa powder, granulated sugar, plant-based cream, salt.
Recommended preparation method: pour 3-4 teaspoons of cocoa drink with boiled hot water
(150 ml) or milk (98 °C)

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